Our Story

After 15 years as a building industry professional, submerged in figures and analysis, I was disillusioned and unfulfilled. Pondering what I should be doing with my career and how to create a life fueled with passion, it finally dawned on me:  I had planned my life around good food and the shared moments it inspired.  I was an unbridled lover of food and had been for years.  Food was my passion and it urged me to embark on the journey to make it my life purpose.

I enrolled to complete my chef’s diploma on a part-time basis in 2014 not knowing what the next move would be.  After completing the course at the end of the same year the path was as clear as mud.   I still had no idea how to begin or where to begin.  In the interim, life and a career in the building industry continued whilst food magazines littered my bedside table, degustation menus added weight to my bathroom scale yet no weight to my bank balance and food shows dominated the memory space on the telly.

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Feverishly following all things food related, I had been tracking the success of Down To Earth – a passion project brought to life by Dany & Danielle in 2013.  Their feasts and their story captivated me so that they were my chosen caterers for our wedding.  Unfortunately, by the time we set our date, Down to Earth was no longer accepting events and I was devastated.  Once I (sulkily) accepted that they would not be part of big day, I passionately set about recreating a similar atmosphere: expansive communal tables, a family-style feast to be shared with sumptuous, alive-with-flavour dishes passed around whilst surrounded by mother nature and the happy sounds of indulging guests.  I absolutely delighted in creating this experience for our family and friends and was inspired all over again with the thought that I could do this every day.

Another year passed and during a random jog with a friend in August 2016, a lightning bolt surged through my veins when my friend remembered that she had a newsletter from May which announced that Down to Earth was for sale.  Details were sketchy and logically, who knew if it had already been sold or not, but in that instant I knew that Down to Earth would be mine.  In October 2016 I became the new owner and was proud to take over the legacy of what had been created as Down to Earth Farm Feasts.

Traditionally Down to Earth was known for its farm-to-table feasts and although this will always remain an integral part of the offering, we will expand from farms to feasting anywhere that we consider interesting, beautiful, memorable, historical or simply a space yet to be discovered.  Down to Earth Feasts will celebrate a number of aspects of the food world including our under-appreciated farmers, the organics, the almost-organics, the wanting-to-be-organics, the guys who do things on a smaller scale and forsake the huge profits for the love of their craft and a general, overall appreciation for quality produce.

Ultimately Down to Earth will urge people to forego the shopping mall (or the couch) to discover the city they reside in, the hillside, a riverside or a funky building and encourage people to share fresh, made-with-care meals that are delicious and definitely not boring.  Down to Earth Feasts will show you that we are all connected and we want to do it at a table with good food.  Because that is the way we do it.

This is important to me – and I can’t wait share it with you.