Feast 18: Shokran

During our journeys to discover new produce and the people behind the produce, I have come to a realisation; the success and vibe on the day of a feast is directly influenced by the caliber of owners of the property and that is why feast 18 will be one to remember!!

As you guys know, we usually only set up on farms, so driving to a plot owned by Charmaine and her husband to go and check out a proposed sight for our next long table, I wasn’t too hopeful to be honest. After meeting Charmaine and driving out through the pecan nut and almond plantation, there was no doubt in my mind that this was going to be the perfect setup. What is better than being surrounded by the first new signs of life after a very dull winter? Our host, Charmaine is lovely and energetic and in charge of the weddings and events at Shokran as well as the very fun Fijnwyn festival every year. The fact that the word Shokran is Arabic for “Thank you”, sums up their wonderful attitude.