Feast 22: Riverfields

Yet another year comes to an end and don’t judge us, but we set our long table right here in our hometown for farm feast 22.

Kempton Park, might have its downfalls, but if you are able to ignore the massive highways and low flying airplanes while driving into the farm, you will find yourself in a little piece of heaven, we call the Riverfields forest.

With a couple of new projects in the pipeline, the possibility seems strong that we will be handing over the Down to Earth reigns soon. Because of this we wanted to keep it close to home this time, a reminder, that this space has been and will be the breeding ground for many inspiring and satisfying projects.

Unfortunately the mielies at Riverfields were not be ready for us to include in the menu, but they have a small Dairy farm and our mother/cook is the biggest fan of their amazing thick cream. As always we used plenty of local and organic produce form our surrounding farmers and suppliers.