Feast 27: Ganico Organic Pomegranate Farm

We set up our lunch table in the organic pomegranate orchards of Ganico as the second installment of our “love for food” theme during Valentines month.  The trees were heavy with blushing fruit, ready for the harvest at the end of February.  This farm, the dynamic owners and the energy here is nothing short of inspirational.

Husband & wife team, Jason & Laiken Cullen, have not come from a farming background yet they have firmly put Ganico on the map for premium quality, organically grown pomegranates.  There is a story behind every move, strategy and method implemented on the farm and it serves as prime example of just how perfect mother nature is – no need to fiddle with it.  Where there is a job to be done, an organism, animal or plant exists for that job, and will naturally attend to it.  Just give it the chance to do so.  Every single one of their pomegranate trees is treated with care and they pick with passion.  This care and passion follows through in all aspects from their superior irrigation system and earth-friendly packaging to natural sanitising system & resident chickens who keep the gogo’s in check.  Veld grass, flowers, weeds & fruit trees thrive in unison, balancing the environment and bringing all in harmony.

We worried all week long about the likelihood of a torrential downpour since storms were brooding and it looked like we would be washed out… but Sunday… the sun was out and delivered us a perfect day – not a drop in sight.

Photos by Barry Hamman