Feast 29: Kazi Farm

Nestled in the ancient folds of The Cradle of Humankind lies a small boutique family farm lovingly cared for and tended by owners Denzyl & Leoni Pearce – Kazi Farm which exclusively produces organically grown garnishing greens and herbs.  Well known and trusted for their naturally grown and freshly picked salad greens and abundance of bright salad flowers, the name Kazi has become synonymous with fine dining in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area.

Our lunch fell on an overcast, slightly chilly Mother’s Day with an added sprinkle of fine drizzle (this time of year!), making the cozy barn a perfect setting for an intimate feast.  Our menu was packed full of love and care to make all the mom’s feel special.  We started with a creamy brocolli & feta soup to get things warmed up, followed by stuffed shoulder of lamb in north african spices, a smokey and super sticky chook and sides of roasted potatoes, medley of vegetables and a green salad with tender beetroot.  An oozy, bright and totally lip-smacking lemon curd pavlova finished off the meal.

Thanks so much to Leoni for her spirit and energy!  Just adore you!