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Down to Earth is known for its farm-to-table feasts where the public are invited to gather and feast, arriving as strangers and leaving as friends.  Our beautiful vintage truck, Ruby, provides the means to set up our long table just about anywhere.  We have feasted on farms , next to riversides, in fields and in forests, always looking for places that are interesting, beautiful, memorable, or simply a space yet to be discovered.

Although the public gatherings will remain an integral part of the offering, we have expanded our services to include catering for private and corporate events including weddings, anniversaries, special birthdays, launches, year-end functions, etc.

Down to Earth celebrates beautiful ingredients, the people at the heart of its production and the coming together of guests as they share a meal together, in our trademark family-style dining vibe. 

Being strongly influenced and rooted in Mediterranean cuisine, our food is vibrant and bold, simple yet daring, where everything is freshly prepared and free from preservatives and colouring.    Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from local farmers and artisans, trying our best to support the little guys who really give their all to produce with love, care and consciousness. 

We will show you that we are all connected and we want to do it at a table with good food – because that is the way we do it.

Where the magic is served from A TRUCK NAMED "RUBY"

To bring the adventurous aspect of Down to Earth to life, a vehicle was needed with the ability to reach the remote and unconventional locations where we would host pop-up dining events.

 A vintage Mercedes Benz bull nose truck deserted in a truck “graveyard” was discovered and delivered the perfect solution – it had enough space to be fitted with a kitchen but also robust enough to travel to these off-the-beaten track places. 

The truck was given a second chance and revamped to standout and has  a specially designed wooden cabin by industrial and furniture designer, David Krynauw.  The cabin is fully decked out with a catering kitchen.

Officially, our spunky truck has been lovingly named Ruby.

Culinary Adventures DOWN TO EARTH FEASTS

We offer a unique way to spend a Sunday, enjoying a long, lazy lunch in natural settings, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Bring a crowd for lunch or celebrate a special date like your birthday by joining our long table, the possibilities are endless.  

Feasts are held quarterly and take place at different locations across Gauteng.

We aim to get you out into the country which brings in a bit of adventure and you won’t regret it.  

Join our subscriber list in order to be notified by email of our next feast.

Join our subscriber list in order to be notified by email of upcoming feasts.

A trip down memory lane Past Feasts

Personal service EVENTS

Let us be part of your special birthday, anniversary, corporate event or any other occassion, in our signature “long table” style.

We can offer you a full or partial service comprising of catering, bar service, hiring of furniture, crockery, cutlery, glassware and the like,
as well as all the required staff.  Should you require decor and flowers, we can also assist and co-ordinate on your behalf,
to help create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Book your catering event with us and enjoy a truly unique Down To Earth experience.

Served up with love WEDDINGS

If there is one shining aspect that we can guarantee you for your wedding, it would be to add a sense of magic.

We would love nothing more than to play our part in bringing your special day to life with our signature “long table” experience.

We can offer you a full or partial service comprising catering, bar service, hiring of furniture, crockery, cutlery, glassware and the like as well as all staff.  Should you require decor and flowers, we can also assist and co-ordinate vendors and suppliers.

Book your wedding with us to make your special day a magical day.

Where foodies meet THE OPEN TABLE

We absolutely love meeting new people and have found that going out to new places to socialize, particularly restaurants are not always conducive to connecting with people, and mostly, they are so impersonal.  So why not do a gathering of like-minded strangers around a beautiful meal in a home setting?

And so TheOpen Table was born.  Husband & wife team, Brian & Jax, now offer the same Down to Earth vibe on a smaller scale at our home in Lonehill.  Brian is a craft beer fanatic and now brews his own golden nectar that he will share with you.  Jax, the cook, lives for food and will spoil you with a fresh and vibrant 4-course meal.

Come as a couple, a few friends or even book us out for a birthday dinner party, where we do it all and you get to relax and have a blast, then pick up your goodies and simply depart – leaving us with the cleanup!  Sounds like a good plan!   

As always, our menu will differ with each open table evening, a new crowd will attend and you get to feel like you’re at friends for a dinner party.  

Looking for something different for your bachelorette, birthday, dinner or date night out or other special occasions?  This is a unique but homely experience that cannot be compared to the usual restaurant dining.

We have two tables, one table is indoors and seats 8 whilst the other is outdoor on the patio seating 10.  At times we may even combine this to be one long table.  Our minimum booked guests for an open booking evening are 6 and can be any number you require for a private function.

You may bring your own booze or we can arrange your drinks for you with prior notice and take the hassle off your hands.

We look forward to meeting you!

Join our subscriber list in order to be notified by email of our next Open Table gathering.

Join our subscriber list in order to be notified by email of our next Open Table gathering.

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  • Arriving guests are welcomed to the location and shown to the greeting area where guests mingle and enjoy a welcome drink.  After all guests have arrived, there may be an introductory talk and at times, we may arrange a guided tour of the farm or place of interest.  Guests are then seated at our communal feast table for a meal created by our team in our beautiful mobile kitchen.  From time to time, we may even invite other producers who supplied ingredients for the menu to chat about their produce.    The meal is served family style on platters to be shared amongst the guests to encourage interaction and conversation.

  • In order to receive an invitation to our feasts or The Open Table, you must be a subscriber on our database.  All subscribers will be the first to receive the invitation to the event by way of email.  Once all subscribers have been sent the invitation, we then post invitations on social media platforms.

  • Click here to go to our online booking system for feasts, where payments can be made directly via bank credit or debit card or EFT.   Seats are secured on payment only and reservations are not confirmed without payment.

  • Public Feast tickets for 2018 will range between R 685.00 – R750.00 per ticket depending on what is included in the ticket price.  At the least, our ticket prices normally includes a welcome drink, four course meal, cordials and craft beer on tap.  At times, other goodies, like wine, may be included in the price but this will be stated on the invitation.  Ticket pricing is subject to change without prior notice so it is best to check the invitation for pricing and what is included.  A limited selection of other refreshments are available at the event. 

    Tickets for The Open Table will range from R450 – R650, depending on the format, but will include a welcome drink and 4-course meal.  You are welcome to bring your own drinks & alcohol or you may arrange with us beforehand to have this for you so that you need not hassle.

  • Our staff work extremely hard to make your day out with us run smoothly.  You are more than welcome to tip staff but we ask that the tipping go into a joint tip collection to share amongst the staff evenly. We will send a hat or something around for a communal tip.  We thank you for this.

  • Public feasts can seat a maximum of 130 guests.

    The Open Table is open to 18 guests but this can be reviewed on arrangement or for private functions.

  • Regarding Feasts – once your reservation is paid, your seats are confirmed.  We compile a table setting plan and your booking will have all guests seated together.  Please let us know if you would like another booking (under another name), seated with you.

    For The Open Table, you can choose your seat when you arrive – we only have 18 seats.

  • Most meal courses will be served family-style, on platters for the table to share.  The menu is mostly a surprise and depending on where the event is held, produce may come from the farm and surrounding areas.  While accommodating vegetarians will sometimes be a possibility, this is not an appropriate event for vegans or persons with other dietary restrictions such as food allergies and intolerances or preference / dislike of certain ingredients.  When receiving the invitation and/or making the booking, please be sure to enquire about any concerns you may have as it is very difficult to accommodate you on the day due to logistical reasons.  We will try our best to accommodate you but this cannot be guaranteed.  Please ensure that you order a vegetarian meal or any of the other options which will be made available to you when you book your tickets (eg. Vegetarian, Pesco-Vegetarian, No Pork Products).  Please note, we may keep the menu secret until the day of the event and at times, we may let you know beforehand what is in store.

  • We will send out invitations to all our registered members as soon as a venue and a date has been confirmed. The invitation will link you to our online booking system.  All confirmed guests will receive the necessary details within the week prior to feast.  This will include all relevant information as well as directions.  Where applicable, we may provide some helpful hints on specific venues, etc.  We may keep the menu secret until the day of the event.

  • We definitely do cater to private and corporate events and these are dealt with on an individual basis. 

    The Open Table concept is also available for a function booking and can be tailored to your needs.

  • Our events are geared towards adults and regret that children under 16 years old are not permitted.

  • Due to the nature of our events, no refunds will be given for cancellations, however reservations are transferable. If you cannot attend the event and you wish to transfer your tickets, kindly contact us with new guest information prior to the event.  You may advertise your tickets on our Facebook page if you so wish.  Please note, we do not get involved in resale of tickets.

  • For our Sunday daytime events, guests are invited to arrive at 12.00pm on the day and we aim to have all seated by 1.00pm.  Timing is also dependent on the seasons.  Most of the roads to the farms and locations could be gravel or a little more tricky to travel, so we do not wish to keep our guests after sunset.  The length of each public feast event is 5-6 hours.

    The Open Table events will be around 4-5 hours.

  • Predicting rain and weather conditions is a tricky business.  Should we encounter rain leading up to our public feast, we will arrange for tenting, greenhouse, barn or other indoor location for the table.  Whilst we try our best to locate this on or very near the original venue, this may not always be possible.  We may have to relocate the feast to a venue where covered settings are available.  We monitor the weather in the week of the feast and will make a decision on the evening before if we really believe the likelihood of being rained out is great.   Should we need to relocate or postpone, you will be notified the evening before or else on the morning of the feast. Please keep an eye on your email and mobile phone.

    For The Open Table, our table is set up indoors or on a covered patio, so the rain won’t stop us unless there are terrible winds and it’s super cold.

  • Feasts are held in unconventional and mostly natural spaces like farms, riversides, hillsides, etc., and hence the terrain will be uneven, dusty, and possibly muddy so please wear suitable shoes. You may need to hop over a stream, cross a rustic bridge or walk a little distance so keep this in mind. We suggest that you dress casually, but most importantly we urge you to dress comfortably. Feasts will be held during all seasons so wear or bring appropriate clothing layers to keep you comfortable. Always bring sunscreen, sunglasses and hats as we cannot always guarantee shading the entire event as we rely on trees. During colder seasons do bring along sweaters, jackets and a blanket if you are sensitive to the wind and the cold. Also, given the season, time of day and our various locations, it can’t hurt to pack some insect repellent – just in case.

    For The Open Table – dress as you would if you were going to a friend’s house for dinner!

  • Please email info@downtoearth.travel …we would love any suggestions for new locations, other people to collaborate with and just about any ideas you have.  We value feedback and thank you for reaching out!

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